5 Reasons Why a Changing Robe is Better Than a Beach Towel

What is a Changing Robe aka Changing Towel?

Before we get started on why you should buy a changing robe, otherwise known as a changing poncho, let’s discuss what a changing robe is.

Changing robes or changing robe towels or changing ponchos are changing towels for surfers. Changing towels are used to change in and out of your wetsuits in the parking lot or public space. Traditionally, using a normal towel is tiresome. Towels are always falling off and are especially difficult for women to use – I am sure you can imagine why. Thus, changing robes are an essential piece of surf equipment for any surfer.

That Leads Me to Reason Number 1.

A Changing Robe Covers Your Whole Body

The changing towel is a 21st-century invention surfers never knew they needed. In fact, changing towels, or changing ponchos, can be used by just about anyone that needs to change in a public space. As mentioned in the heading of this article, the main reason you should purchase a changing poncho is that it covers your whole body – like wearing an oversized jacket, but the jacket dries you at the same time! 

What a revelation, no more messing around with pesky beach towels that don’t tuck in well, or come loose as soon as you attempt to put on your rash guard surf shirt, undies, or boardshorts.  A changing robe also allows for ample space to change in, there is so much space under there that you could fit two or three koalas and smuggle them across the border. We have tested a bunch of changing robes and our favourite pick by far is Palmer Towel Co, they are the whole reason we are writing this blog as we were so stoked with the quality of their product compared to bigger brand names.

Palmer Towel Co. was born out of a passion for surfing and the ocean.  It’s a family owned and operated business on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.  They design poncho towels and all elements robes that are both comfortable, functional and stylish.  In order to reduce their footprint they make a range of compact GEO towels and change mats exclusively from their fabric offcuts. They are committed to reducing the huge burden that is fabric waste.
changing robe features

There is not much else to say about why you should purchase a changing robe other than it is that much more convenient than using a beach towel. But, if you aren’t interested in hanging out with koalas then maybe a changing robe isn’t for you. As a disclaimer, no koalas were hurt during the making of this blog post and we definitely don’t encourage illegal animal trade. All we are trying to do is convince you of an already logical decision.

Doubles as Clothing

2. A changing robe doubles as normal clothing!

As a surfer or anyone that is using a surf poncho, I’m sure that you would love to spend your time doing the things you love, like surfing, swimming, or hanging out in your changing robe after your favourite activity. When you purchase a changing robe, you will save money on clothing! That means less time working and more time doing your favourite thing. 

I literally wear my changing robe everywhere I go. I can’t even remember when last I bought clothes because my changing robe is perfect for just about any scenario, especially with the invention of work-from-home culture, I even go to the office in my changing robe. The only inappropriate time I can think of for using a changing robe is when you are surfing. 

It Gets Cold Out There

3. A changing robe keeps you warm

Keeping up with the trend of saving money on clothing. Changing ponchos, or changing robes keep you super warm before and after surfing. They are generally worn over your wetsuit or any attire that you would wear before you get into the water.

I mean, I guess there is no need to use a changing towel unless you are going to get changed right? Wrong! You can literally wear a changing towel at any given moment and stay clear of society’s judging eye, but you certainly can’t wear a bath towel or beach towel anywhere – not to mention neither of the above mentioned will keep you warm. I mean, imagine walking around in the shopping centre wearing only a beach towel. Just yesterday I saw someone walking around with their wetty on with a changing robe over and thought nothing of it.

At this point, I have forgotten whether this article is promoting changing towels, or shaming normal, boring everyday towels, but I digress. You wouldn’t want to wear your favourite hoodie over your wetsuit, that’s why changing towels are so great, they are made for exactly that purpose. 

One Size Fits All

4. One size fits all

When it comes to a surf poncho, aka a changing towel, one size really does fit all. Inflation is getting everyone down, fuel prices are rising and wages aren’t going up. A changing poncho is a great investment because the whole family can use the same one! 


All you need in your life is a changing towel. They are super comfortable, they keep you warm, can be worn in any setting, and they are super versatile. A changing robe can keep you dry but a boring old towel can’t replace your wardrobe. 


5. A Changing Robe is Versatile

A changing poncho can be used in so many different settings, for so many different things. Yes, it can be used to change in and out of clothes in public spaces, but it can also be used as a bland everyday towel. Changing towels can also be used as a hoodie, a shirt, a pair of pants, a dress, a gown, and even a robe for those cold cosy days at home. 

You can even use your changing robe as a dishcloth or to clean up around the house, not that you would want to do that….but you could. At this point, I’m sure you get the idea. 

The last thing I want to touch on is a common query I came across on google. 

How Does a Changing Robe Work?

Well, I am not sure that it is rocket science but you put it over your body, while your head exits through the hole in the top of the changing robe. The next, step is to put your arms through the designated armholes voila, now you can change in your own private space while in public.

Finally, if you want to be super luxe, we recommend getting a changing mat to go with your new poncho.



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