5. Pop-Up Technique

The pop up is a movement that you need to practice on land, so much so that by the time you go for a surf, it becomes habitual. Creating good habits starts with understanding the fundamentals.

The pop-up is a critical part of learning to surf. It sets the foundation for surfing along the open face of a wave and eventually doing maneuvers on the wave. We have used the method detailed in this course to teach hundreds of beginner surfers of all ages, nationalities, athletic abilities, and body structures how to successfully pop-up and find a good set stance on the wave.

This section of the course not only teaches you how to pop-up, but gives you a fundamental understanding of the body mechanics involved. So, if you make a mistake, you are able to understand the mistake you have made and have the tools to correct it. Ultimately, creating good habits starts with understanding the fundamentals. 

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