Surf Yoga With Emily Cordes

Discover the ultimate Surf Yoga Fusion course, a comprehensive online program that seamlessly blends the timeless art of Yoga with the thrilling world of surfing. Unleash your full surfing potential as you embrace agility, strength, and mindfulness to ride the waves with confidence and grace.

Elevate Your Surfing Performance: With surf yoga, you’ll unlock a world of “surf performance enhancement” through purposeful Yoga sequences, tailored to target specific surfing needs. Enhance your core strength, improve flexibility, and achieve better balance on the board.

Prevent Injuries and Ensure Longevity: Embrace the mindful approach of “injury prevention” and “longevity in surfing” with surf yoga’s emphasis on proper alignment and body awareness. Safeguard your body and enjoy surfing for years to come.

Surf Strength and Mobility: Our carefully crafted surf yoga sequences focus on “surf strength and stability,” empowering key muscle groups for powerful paddling and seamless turning on the board.

Flow with Surf Yoga: Unleash “surfing flow” and “surf breathwork” to amplify your surfing performance through breath awareness and dynamic movements that mimic the ebb and flow of the waves.

Course Highlights: Access to a rich library of on-demand surf yoga videos – short and long sequences perfect for pre-surf warm-ups and post-surf recovery. Expert guidance from Emily Cordes a seasoned yoga instructor.

Enroll now in our Surf Yoga Fusion course and immerse yourself in a transformative journey of strength, balance, and unity with the waves. Enhance your surfing skills while preventing injuries – it’s time to make waves!

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Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons