Beginner Full Product


  • Surf History
    • History of Surfing as a Pastime
    • Surf Culture
    • History of Professional Surfing
  • Mental and Physical Aspects of Surfing
    • Mental
    • Physical
  • Introduction to Surf Equipment
    • Surfboard
    • Accessories
    • Apparel
    • Board Handling
  • Paddle Theory
    • Positioning
    • Technique
    • Catching Waves vs Paddling Back Out
  • Pop Up Theory
    • Goofy vs Regular
    • Pop Up Positioning
    • Transition Phase
    • Cause and Effect
    • Common Mistakes
  • Introduction to Ocean Dynamics
    • Waves
    • Wind
    • Tides
    • Current
    • Understanding the Line Up
  • Catching Waves
    • Types of Waves
    • Reading Waves
    • Reasons You May Not Be Catching Waves




Our online beginner surf course is so in-depth that even if you have no clue what surfing is, it will teach you everything you need to know.

We teach the fundamentals of surfing in our beginner surf course, so we also suggest it for beginner to intermediate surfers who want to set a good foundation with their surfing.

Ultimately, this course is for you if you are a complete novice or even if you are a beginner to intermediate surfer, but feel you lack a base foundation and are serious about surfing.