Mental and Physical Aspects of Surfing

  • Mental
    • Dealing with Fear and Anxiety
    • Dealing with Frustration
    • The Power of Visualization
    • The Importance of Spatial Ability
    • Conclusion to Mental
  • Physical
    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Rest and Recovery
    • Conclusion to Physical



Often overlooked, surfing can be both mentally and physically taxing. Sure surfing is fun, but how do you deal with those moments that get you down or physically prepare yourself so that you can surf your brains out?

We have done extensive research to bring you detailed breakdowns of how to deal with factors such as frustration, anxiety, and physical limitations that can inhibit your progress.

Surfing is much more than a pastime – it is a way to reflect and relate life lessons. Much of the mental and physical components that are discussed in this section are transferable to any other pastime or activity you might engage in.