Surf History

  • History of Surfing as a Pastime
    • Surf History: The Beginning
    • The Controversial History of James Cook and Colonization of Hawaii
    • The Revival of Surfing
    • Duke Paoa Kahinu Makoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku aka. The Duke
    • The Birth of Surf Travel
    • Big Wave Riding
    • The Influence of Surfing on Skateboarding
    • The Forefathers of Big Wave Surfing
    • The History of Women’s Surfing
  • Surf Culture
    • Surf Culture: The Back Story
    • Surfing’s Counter Culture
    • Indonesia: Surfer’s Paradise
    • Dismantling of the Counter Culture
  • History of Professional Surfing
    • History of Competitive Surfing
    • International Surfing Federation
    • International Professional Surfing
    • Association of Professional Surfers and The World Surf League
    • Separation of ISA and WSL
    • Surfing and the Olympics
    • Round Up of Surf History



Did you know that surfing is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, recorded pastimes that still exists today? The roots of surfing can be dated back to the 12th Century and span around the globe. Modern day surfing developed as the result of decades of traditions, innovations, voyages, and even controversies.

In our surf history course, we cover everything from the original founding of surfing, through the ways that surfing has culturally interacted with society over the years, and even the development of competitive and professional surfing.

We offer the history section completely free because we believe that in order to have an understanding of surfing, you need to understand the rich history behind the art of riding waves.