Surf Basics: How to Practice Surfing at Home Without Water

Surfing is no easy task, it’s important to have a good understanding of surf basics before you’re able to progress to the next level. Think like the roots of a tree or a foundation of a house, in order to for either to stand, its foundation needs to be solid. In order to set a solid foundation, you need to master surf basics. Which means, practice surfing at home or practice surfing without water. 

Correct Mistakes at Home

Practice Surfing at Home

Surfing made easy with guided help from our Surf Basics online course

The quickest way to learn to surf is to practice surfing at home and apply that experience in the water. Surfing is an intricate activity with a lot of moving parts. We like to compare it to driving a car. When you start driving, all you can focus on, is going straight with no distractions. After a while you are able to drive on the road in a crowded environment  

Learning to surf is similar to learning to drive. You need to be able to paddle, pop up and know how to stand on the board before you enter an environment where your senses are overloaded by wind, waves and people.

Repetition is the Mother of All Learning

How to Practice Surfing Without Water?

Sensory overload is the quickest way to develop bad habits, that is why it’s important to practice surfing without water, as it aids in overloading your senses. Our surf basics course helps you define the basics and build better habits, so you can focus all your attention on learning to catch waves. Oh, did we mention that we also teach you how to do that?

Flexibility is Key

Who is the Surf Basics Course for?

Our surf basics course is great for those who have never surfed before as well as intermediate surfers struggling to progress. We teach surfing from a basis of fundamental movements, which helps fill the gaps in your surf ability. Most of the time surfers struggle to progress not because they are unable to but because there are gaps in their knowledge or bad habits that have built up over time.

Surf Basics Online Course

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What's in the Course

The Surf Basics Course is designed to give you all the knowledge you need to get started with surfing.

Additionally, it provides an opportunity for you to perfect basic concepts making progress easy.



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