How Do Our Online Surf Classes Work?


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Our classes will be held as video conferences via Zoom. Once you have reserved a seat we will send you a confirmation email with the video conference access link and code.  


Classes will be held as presentations including including live video and accompanying slides, as shown below. Additionally, there will be opportunities for questions and discussion from participants.

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Surf Classes We Offer

What is Understanding the Line Up?

The line up is a social environment that we as surfers need to understand. Therefore, in order to navigate the territory, we need to adhere to an unspoken code created to give each surfer a fair opportunity to catch waves. So, in this class, we cover the rules of surfing, the grey areas, and how to use the rules to your advantage. In addition, we will discuss how to read social cues, analyze surf scenarios in detail. Finally, we will share insights to avoid feeling intimidated.

This class will help you:​

  • First, catch more waves in a crowded lineup.
  • Second, feel more confident.
  • Third, know what to do in tough situations.
  • Fourth, be one step ahead of other surfers.

This class is for:

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers who are struggling to catch waves in crowded environments.

Surf Classes

Understanding the science of how waves are formed is a necessary part of learning to surf.  Additionally, it is a precursor to learning to read and understand surf forecasts. So, in this class, we dive deep into understanding how the elements combine to create waves and look at all the variables that affect them. Having an understanding of how nature works around you will help you with the following. First, be more in tune with your surroundings. Second, read forecasts better. Third, understand why conditions are the way they are. Finally, make better decisions about planning the best times to surf and when to go on surf trips.

This class will help you:​

  • First, prepare to learn to read surf forecasts.
  • Second, understand how waves are formed.
  • Third, be able to pick better surf spots.
  • Fourth, adapt to changing conditions while surfing.

This class is for:

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers who want to prepare to read surf forecasts.