Surf Education Videos and Tips

We have created the below learn to surf videos to provide you with additional tips and tricks to improve your surfing. These surf coaching videos are not meant to be a replacement for our full online surf courses. Rather, they are meant to supplement our courses by diving deeper into specific topics. 

More Surf Videos on YouTube

To follow along with our latest videos, subscribe to the Independent Surfer YouTube channel! Our goal for the Independent Surfer YouTube channel is to create videos reviewing real footage of surfers and provide detailed feedback and analysis. Also, we plan to dive deep into specific surf topics that are rarely spoken about. For example, we will cover topics including how to overcome mental hurdles or specific tips for surfing unique surfboards.  

Learn to Surf Videos and Surf Coaching Videos Cover Image Example

One question we get asked a lot is how someone can learn to surf online. Our surf coaching videos are just one answer to this. Specifically, we are able to review a video of someone surfing and notice details that lead to desired outcomes versus undesirable outcomes.

For example, we might notice that a surfer looks down at their board regularly when trying to popup. The result of this is that the surfer will have a hard time riding the face of the wave before the wave breaks in front of them. So, by sharing this knowledge through our surf coaching videos,  surfers can learn to identify what mistakes they are making, how they are impacting their surfing, and come up with solutions to fix their mistakes.

We are happy to accommodate special video requests. So, if you have any ideas please reach out to us. Additionally, if you’re interested in having us review your surfing, check out our Surf Coaching page and reach out to us today!