5 Best Surfboard Sock Covers On the Market

What Is a Surfboard Sock?

A surfboard sock cover is a cover for your surfboard made from a material like cotton or nylon. It is designed to fit tight to your surfboard to help protect the surfboard from dings, and sun damage and keep it clean. The best surfboard socks fit snugly on your board and come with an elastic tie at the end so you can close it altogether. The sock is designed for everyday use as well as when traveling. You can use your surfboard sock covers as extra protection when packing your surfboard for the long haul, or just use them when putting your board in the trunk of your car. 

The surfboard sock covers also stop that nasty wax from melting all over your car seat on a hot day. Getting wax out of your car seat is a hassle, so avoid it altogether by using a surfboard sock. Did I mention that some of these socks are made from a sand-resistant material? That’s right, you can even leave your board on the beach if you use a board sock

Our Top 5 Favorite Surfboard Sock Covers

When considering our top five picks for the best surfboard sock covers, we have taken multiple factors into account. The price range, quality of sock, accessibility durability, and how eco-friendly the sock is. It is overwhelming to choose a particular brand because there are so many, they all have particular benefits and some are just downright better than others.

The HoStevie! surfboard sock cover is number one on our list for a multitude of reasons. The first one is the price. We have mentioned this in another blog post about tail pads, highlighting the fact that these days there are so many competing brands on the market that offer the same thing. These products are of seemingly higher quality because they have a much higher price. I call this concept brand washing, although I am sure there is an existing name for it. Regardless, we feel the price to quality ratio is super important when considering purchasing a product and the HoStevie! board sock is a great find at $39.97. I especially like the stretchy, thick, towel-like quality material.

Best Surfboard sock covers
Shred Best Surfboard Sock Cover

Shred is an eco friendly company that specialises in making board socks. Although they are the second most expensive in this list, the price you pay is worth saving the planet. They save over 5000 liters of water and use only recycled materials. In my experience, specialists usually have high quality products.

Although the Dakine board sock has the highest price on this list, we have been using Dakine products for quite some time and they are really good quality. There boards socks are extremely durable and made of high quality. If you are someone who doesn’t mind breaking the bank for a board sock, then this is a good product for you.

Best Surfboard Sock Covers
Best Surfboard Sock Covers

Creatures of Leisure make great products. I would say in terms of price to quality ratio, this company makes normal board socks. They are neither eco-friendly, nor are they the most durable or highest quality on the market. They sit mid-market and are a great choice if you aren’t too concerned about spending a bit of money, but still want a good board sock that is going to protect your board.

I would consider O&E to make similar quality products to Creatures of Leisure. Their products are mid-range and do not have any particular qualities that I would consider better than Dakine, Shred, or HoStevie! Ultimately, O&E board socks will protect your board from damage without hurting your wallet at the same time.

Surfboard Sock Cover

Anything Else To Consider When Looking For the Best Board Sock

As a conclusion to this post, I would like to leave you with a series of checkmarks to consider when choosing to purchase yourself a board sock. The first is that board socks get dirty. So, is the board sock you buy machine washable, and is it made of a material that is going to shrink in the laundry? 


Next, I would like you to consider the size of the sock. I would avoid getting a sock that is sized too big or too small for your board. The next thing to consider is what the material is made of. Is it a thick material that will protect your board and does it seem durable?


Lastly, supporting the environment is a noble cause bigger than all of us. However, it is often a privileged pledge as these eco-friendly products generally cost more than non-eco-friendly products. So, if you can, please support the environment.