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"Being an independent surfer means feeling confident to paddle out into the line up and catch waves yourself. Our goal is to empower you to become an independent surfer."

- Kimberly, Co-Founder -

Turn On • Tune Out • Drop In

Learning to surf is no easy task, so we created a detailed, easy to follow online surf course that covers everything you need to know as a beginner surfer.

We spent the last two years creating an easy to follow surf course. Try the free trial to get a better understanding of what we are offering.

We know that purchasing a whole course can be a big commitment, so we have made it possible for you to purchase each section individually. 

Our comprehensive beginner surf course covers everything you need to know to get started surfing or take your skills to the next level. 

We also offer online or in person theory classes and coaching to help you stay consistent.

Ever had photos or videos of yourself surfing and thought, “something isn’t right here”, but can’t figure out exactly what it is. Well, we offer online coaching, for beginner to advanced surfers to help with exactly that. Your first consultation is free!

If you prefer a more personal approach, we also offer all of our classes as live sessions. These classes combine Keynote and Zoom to bring you in-depth discussions on topics rarely spoken about in the world of surfing.

We are two surfers with different backgrounds brought together by by surf and travel. The Independent Surfer is our platform to connect with and teach you how to surf. Our idea to teach surfing online was inspired by the global pandemic. Our mission is to create independent surfers by inspiring action and providing the best surf education.


I've been surfing since 2007 and surf instructing since 2013. I have a degree in sports management and coaching science. My goal is to break surfing down to its base layers to help you set a foundation for your progression.

Kimberly holding surfboard


I didn't find surfing until later in life - I was 24 to be exact. At the same time, I was starting my career as a corporate attorney. My goal is to inspire you to pursue your dreams, no matter how unlikely they seem.

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